My Story

Are you an entrepreneur who has amazing products, but are you struggling to achieve your sales goals?

Have you tried everything you know to increase sales, yet your reality looks nothing like your expectation?

Have your poured countless hours into your business, created a new website, spent money to advertise, yet your sales are disappointing?

Then you have arrived at the perfect place, and this site is for you.

Hi, I’m Hope Schaefer.

I understand how overwhelming it is to be busy working on the business, yet ignoring the ONE THING that will grow sales and generate profit.

As a copywriter, strategist, and marketing matchmaker, I create the ONE THING that will drive your sales and increase your bottom line.

~ your customer will quickly  be able answer their underlying  question, “What’s in it for me?”
~ your customer will clearly understand your  product’s transformational benefits.
~ your  customer will simply  state, “This product/service will change my life by ———-.”

When I create your sales message I am effectively matchmaking.  By matching your message to your market, chemistry is created, your product clicks, and your ideal customer is naturally compelled to buy.

Your clear, concise, compelling sales message will have your customers beating a path to your door. Your sales will skyrocket and your passion for your business will be renewed.

I understand how you are torn because you know you should be creating your sales message that will generate revenue but you don’t have the desire or the time to do it.

I understand how you may lack confidence in your ability to produce a top quality sales message and  that is standing between you and the sales results you need.


Successful entrepreneurs know the value of the SALES MESSAGE.

Successful entrepreneurs also

~ live in their success zone. They know their strengths and invest their time and emotional energy in their area of genius.
~ free themselves to do their greater work by delegating the tasks which distract and drain them.
~ understand the value of collaboration and they hire specialists to add value to their teams.

Successful entrepreneurs hire copywriters to create sales messages that connect authentically, communicate clearly, and close more sales.

You may be wondering…

Why do you write sales copy?

My career path has led me through various jobs that required the gift of persuasion.  As a high school teacher, sales representative, author, blogger, and copywriter, the key to my success has been my ability to build relationships and persuade people to take action.  I love helping business owners grow their sales and create their ideal lives.

Ray Edward’s Mastermind group, coaching calls, in person Masterminds, and Copywriting Academy course have shaped my skills and my approach to copywriting.  Ray’s staff writer, Marshall Bone, is my copywriting coach.

I have spent two decades selling in highly competitive markets to busy, disengaged, and distracted customers.  I am experienced in establishing engagement, overcoming objections, and closing sales.

Writing and persuading are in my DNA.

Why should I work with you?

“I’ll wait until Hope get’s here.  I know she will tell me the truth.”

With over twenty years as a sales professional, this statement relayed to me by a coworker is the highlight of my career.  My product had received widespread negative media, but my customer was waiting to form his judgment until he heard from me.  I have won sales awards, been recognized for exceeding goals, been praised for leadership and teamwork, but to me, this statement about my integrity was the highest compliment I could be paid.

Who are you?

~ I am an enthusiastic soccer/baseball mom to my 15 year old son.
~ My weaknesses are bookstores, garden centers, and anything chocolate.
~ My strengths are loyalty, passion, and faith.
~ I love to run, walk on the beach, read a great book, have friends over for dinner, and engage in great conversation.
~ Some of my greatest memories are hanging out with my Young Life friends.

What should I do next?

When you decide to focus your energy in your area of strength and you hire me to write your sales message, you will experience freedom and you will generate more sales.

It’s time for a change

You can keep doing what you have been doing and have another year of frustration, stress, and unmet expectations, or you can send me a quick email.  We will set up a  phone call to discuss your vision for your business and how I can help you reach your sales goals.

We both know reaching sales goals is not the only goal.

Providing for your loved ones, creating the lifestyle you want, having freedom to invest your time and energy on the parts of the business you love and helping your customers solve their problems are your foundation goals.

Simply send me a brief email  and we will discuss the steps to achieving the sales and the freedom you desire.