“Hope is one of the most talented and gifted individuals I know. Her ability to listen, understand, and effectively capture the heart of her client’s branding, storytelling, and marketing needs sets her apart from everyone else in this space. If you are looking for someone you can trust to help you achieve your next level in life and business, look no further than Hope Schaefer. She truly is a marketing matchmaker!”
Brian Holmes

“Hope is passionate, persuasive, and professional. She brings all of those characteristics to her work as a copywriter. You can rest assured that she will deliver what she promises. Not only will you get great results, you’ll enjoy her as a person. ”
Kevin D. Monroe

“Hope writes top-notch, compelling, and most important: effective sales copy. If you’re ready to learn how to market your business effectively without doing stuff that would embarrass your loved ones, hire Hope Schaefer today.”
Mike Kim

“Hope is a great communicator.  I appreciated her promptness to always keep me up to date on my project.  I saw that for Hope, clients are more than a paycheck but partners where she looks out for their best interest.  I love this about Hope!  She worked relentlessly to pull out of me the skeleton of my content and then masterfully crafted copy that hit the bullseye.  Hope Schafer is my go to recommendation for anyone needing copy to increase sales.”
Dennis McIntee

swdyd-heashot“Hope Schaefer is the antidote to a marketplace filled with paint by numbers, head-centered copywriters. She has a genuine charm and wit that translates into higher conversions and greater sales for those clients fortunate enough to work with her. Hope has a superpower that allows her to put heart on the page and help those with something to say or sell find just the right words to express their message with passion, precision, and power.”
Marshall Bone – Communications Strategist

rsz_gaither17edited“For most people is a rare thing to identify with exactitude life’s sweet spot, where passion meets purpose. Hope Schaefer has found her sweet spot with copy writing. She has found her purpose, to produce clear and concise custom copy. Her approach, an unbridled drive and passion for excellence. Together, these should make Hope the copywriter of choice for all of your marketing campaigns.”
Dr. Clark Gaither
Dr. Burnout

12373248_10205640061506293_2678682646917798262_n“Whenever I need a new perspective, an out of the box idea, or someone to brainstorm with, Hope is who I call.  In fact, when I look back at some of our most successful fundraising and event ideas, Hope was a part of the process.”
Katie Maloney
Toloha  Partnership

_DSC9033 - Version 3“Hope Schaefer’s superpower is her ability to showcase vulnerability as strength, to present authenticity as our compass, and to weave story into brand conversations. Having seen her client counseling in action, I confidently call Hope Schaefer ‘The Avatar Whisperer’. Her years of experience in sales, combined with her abilities in gracefully isolating the heart of difficult truths, make working with Hope an uplifting experience. I always learn something in our conversations together.”
Dr. Jennifer Brenton

jason“Hope Schaefer brings verve and value to the writing/editing process.  She knows how to communicate so that people want to hear.  Five years ago, I wrote a grant proposal for sabbatical funding, and Hope was part of my editing team. Upon reading my proposal, she sat me down and said, ‘it’s just not you. It’s flat. It doesn’t make me want to jump onboard.’ She challenged me and helped me re-write it. I won the grant, in large part because she knew how to get my writing from ‘sounds good to me’ to “compelling.”  This is the gift Hope has.”
Jason McKnight
Grace Fellowship Church, Kinston NC