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010Schaefer-Hope-2016-0130-5167Creating  your Selling Words

Connect authentically
Communicate clearly
Close more sales

Are you a motivated entrepreneur who spends more time working that you will ever admit?

Even when you aren’t working, are you secretly strategizing about ways to increase sales?

Have you invested time and money in a fancy new website, but the new site is not producing new

Have you invested time and money in promotions, yet your sales results are still not close to your

I help you increase sales by creating your Selling Words.

8 out of 10 times a sales problem is not a product problem.

The sales problem is a mismatch of your message and your market. When you match your message
and your market and when you connect authentically and communicate clearly ,you get results.

Effective Selling Words:

  • use your customers’ language and their motivations to help you connect in an authentic way
  • remove the overload of too much information to design your clear, concise message that
    resonates with your target customer
  • match your transformational benefits to the needs of your customers in order to help more
    people, solve more problems  and  close more sales
  • can take many forms- sales letters, auto responders emails, video scripts, facebook ads, lead

Improve your Selling Words, Increase your Sales

I’d love to hear about your business. Let’s set up a time to talk. During your 30 minute free consultation,
we will review your sales messages.  You will walk away from the consultations with valuable insights
for growing your business.

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